IRS CP2000 Notices

At Washington Woods Accounting we are extremely well versed in dealing with the IRS Form CP2000 and can ease the burden of the shock factor that it can deliver to someone.

The first step is helping clients understand what this notice is and how we can help overcome the stress related to the amount often stated as due by the recipient(s).

How often are CP2000 Notices wrong?

IRS statistics show that one out of every three notices are incorrect.  This means that the taxpayer doesn't result in them owing any additional money.

How can Washington Woods Accounting help?

You don't have to face this process on your own.  We can represent you and communicate on your behalf with the IRS and respond appropriately.

Common Questions

The process in dealing with a CP2000 Notice can lead to many questions.  We have the answers!

What if I do not agree with the IRS CP2000 proposed changes?

Washington Woods Accounting can review your tax documents and compare the information identified in the CP2000 Notice.  This helps to ensure that you are or are not liable.

Should I just ignore the CP2000 Notice?

This is probably the worst thing that you can do!  When you do not respond within the designated timeframe, you are essentially agreeing with the IRS, therefore all of the interest and penalties are now added to the amount owed.

Should I get help?

As with the vast majority of items dealing with the IRS, the need to have professional assistance eases the burden and complications associated with the CP2000.  Washington Woods Accounting can in some cases resolve the entire issue with the IRS in as little as three months.

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